Adventures in Love

You know when your day is going amazing and you're on cloud nine with happiness and you think nothing can go wrong? Well I recommend never opening a dishwasher on days like that. I opened mine and not that I was really surprised at this point but the dishes yet again weren't even close to clean. That was it! I couldn't take it anymore. So our adventure begins......

Off we headed to Home Depot after a discussion of how awesome this was gonna be. We were going to tackle our first major appliance replacement totally on our own. Now I'm not a moron and neither is he so I figured we totally had this covered. Well.......I may have been slightly wrong.

We got a smoking good deal on a Fridgedaire Gold Series with all the bells and whistles. I wasn't about to walk out that day without a dishwasher in tow since we had borrowed a friends truck to go shop for one and bring it home so we accepted the floor model and an additional discount for that one.

Turns out that discount was not really worth it because we ended up having to buy a bunch of installation stuff that would have been included in the box with a new one and spent more than we saved. Lesson learned for the next time for sure.

So we pull out the old dishwasher while laughing and talking and just having a great time as husband and wife and mutual adventurers. We manage to get about two gallons of water all over the floor while maneuvering it out of the way. Dang who knew those hoses and basins hold so much that you can't see! And the last thing to remove was the electrical supply.

Now since we were on an adventure we couldn't just do it the easy way right? Nope! With zero instructions to go by since they didn't come with the dishwasher we just cut the electrical cord. Oops now fast forward and we realize that our cord is now about eight inches too short to reach the new connections it needs to. Lovely! So we adventure on. I of course teased the hell out of my husband for cutting it rather than undoing it from the old one. Like at least one of us should have known that and since he's the guy I would think it would fall on him to somehow have stored that knowledge in his brain, maybe instinct would tell him that. Turns out instinct doesn't work that way.

Back to Home Depot we go to get more electrical wiring and an adapter to connect the drainage hose which again should have come with the dishwasher. You know what, we couldn't find a single adapter that would work even with the help of the guy that sold us the dishwasher. So we come out of the store with a piece of copper pipe that will fit the diameter to connect the two ends. A pipe cutter to cut it to the length we need. Electrical wire and junction boxes cause well safety first you know!

Of course all electrical work needing to be done around our home should be done by a licensed professional or the man of the house right? So there "I" was on the ground stripping and connecting wires and putting them safely in the junction box only to realize we forgot screws for the junction box tops. Sweet, another challenge.  Now electrical tape is not really meant to close a junction box and seal it to water right perfection but in a pinch.....

So now we are ready to rock! Time to slide that new beauty into place in our little home. Oooooo she's a fighter! It took maneuvering her inch by inch until she was as far in as possible and boom screw in the brackets and we were done.

Now I'm not a particularly excitable person especially when it comes to doing dishes but wow was I ever delighted to load as quickly as I could the dirtiest most dried up caked on dishes I could fit in that new baby and just see what she could do. I must say I was pretty impressed when every dish was sparkling except for one.

We had won the battle and defeated the mountain of dirty dishes with extreme prejudice!  Now my only concern is if I actually turned it on because it's literally silent.

All along our adventure we laughed at each other's mistakes and teased each other for silly suggestions that made no sense and hugged and kissed each other a lot. We were so proud of ourselves that we took us out to dinner and karaoke where my amazing man sang Sinatra to me and danced with me during the instrumental parts making all the other girls jealous that he was mine. I am a pretty dang lucky girl to have such a sweet man to adventure through life with.

It's little moments like that which make all the hard struggles worth every second. Our mutual cheers for each other's job well done and getting to learn and grow together as humans. I love my sheepdog with every molecule in my body and soul and I'd be lost without him.

Adventure on my friends!

The Shepherdess

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